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Learn how to setup your own business making short ads for high paying social media advertisers. Don’t know how to get clients for free? You’ll learn that too!


48 Hours Quickstart: Get Clients, Film an Ad, Edit, Get Paid!

8 easy-to-understand modules that will take you from complete beginner to professional video ads creator in 48 hours.


Video Ad Design

and easy filming techniques

30 Second Script Writing and Templates

How To 10X Your Client Base

Super Fast Cut Style Editing

How To 2X Your Average Earnings Per Sale

What Ads Work for Tiktok

How to get clients for FREE

How to go from $1k to $10k a week. 

Ever made OVER $2,239 in 1 Day.. from your home?

I will teach YOU how I did it and HOW YOU CAN DO IT too!

Or $815 in UGC bookings by LUNCHTIME!

I will teach you my booking secrets so Advertisers COME TO YOU.






There’s no need to learn how to become an influencer or TikTok personality on your own. With our program you’ll be able to follow our proven blueprint to go from 0 to a $300/hr UGC video ads creator in 2 days. 

Each module was crafted in a way that’s easy to understand regardless of your experience, and to get you results as fast as possible. You won’t learn unnecessary stuff such as how to post daily and search for new clients, or how to use complex and expensive video editing tools. You’ll learn how to get results for yourself, and how to get a full load of bookings. For no outside costs and Fast.


Hear what others are saying about the course!



  • Dave has worked in the digital marketing space for over 15 years.

  • Dave is a 2 Comma Club and AFFY  Award Winner (Affiliate of the Year).

  • Dave has a waitlist of referral and return clients working with him and a 5 Star Rating and averaging $300/hr.

  • Dave started this video ads journey by mistake to save money on his own ads and quickly realized the HUGE demand that needed to be filled. He used $0 to make his first $5k using these techniques in a just a few weeks.

  • And last but not least, Dave is dedicated to showing others how to fill this need and change careers or to create side cash to improve their families lives.




     I am going to show you how to make an extra $3k, $5k , $10k or more a month. Without leaving your home, own your own schedule and without ANY startup costs.


    Here’s a screen shot of me making over $1k in one day paying $0 to get customers and using $0 of equipment (besides this cell phone in my hand). Just to be clear this only took me about 3-4 hours of total work time that day from start to finish. And I am going to show you exactly how I was able to tap into this Billion dollar business with ZERO experience.

    proof earningsproof earnings


    Are you sick and frustrated of trying every way under the sun to make extra money to get ahead and nothing seems to work? Yes?

    And if it does work it takes up WAY more time and investment than you thought? Inflation has probably eaten up ANY gains you may have made the past few years and You need money for rent, your mortgage, your kids school or sports fees, YES?

    Or maybe you want a better car or a down payment to buy a house or to buy your spouse or loved ones something to show them how much you care for them and are a good parent, husband or wife? Does this sound like you?

    You are already probably working longer hours than you want and dealing with customers or bosses who don’t appreciate you. Leaving you with little or no satisfaction.

    And to make matters worse every time you look on social media everyone you went to school with seems to be on endless vacations and buying expensive stuff.

    And you, you just want some CUSHION money. To help you get AHEAD in this world and yearn to jump off this never ending hamster wheel today’s society has us all running on.

    This all leads to poor mental health. High stress, anger and depression. You get no ME time and little to no Respect.

    Is it too much to ask to just be happier?

    How Do I know all of this? The stats don’t lie. 

    Recent studies show that inflation is eating into ALL wages.

    Costs of gas, fuel, electricity, and even food have sky rocketed. (chart)A Gallup poll showed that only 38% of Americans are “satisfied” with their life. Down from 48% just two years earlier and only a small 19% said they were VERY HAPPY. 


    #1 Most people are NOT happy. and #2 that at least 1 in 5 of us IS happy. So the DREAM is still possible. The only way to BEAT INFLATION (which we have NO control over) is to MAKE MORE INCOME.



    That is where TikTok Ads Dream Job comes in… or a better name might be Video Ads Dream Job.

    WHY is it called ‘Dream Job’? Because you can make upwards of $300/hr on your own schedule and once you know HOW to get it all set up all you need is a your smartphone and no other start up costs.

    Simply making short 15 and 30 second ads for advertisers looking for User Generated Content to use for their ads…

    This means they want REGULAR people just like us. And this is the genius of this career.

    For you there is No Advertising, No Inventory. No cold calls..

    Nothing. Your customers will come to you.

    Making an extra $3k, $5k or $10k+ a month could transform your life completely for the better.

    Even if you just want to make an extra $1k a month to cover a fancy car payment instead of switching careers to something fun and creative like this..

    I firmly believe that Video Ads Dream Job can help you and your family’s lives improve tremendously.

    I accidentally stumbled upon...

    an untapped $566 BILLION market that has clients with DEEP pockets with an insatiable appetite for YOUR product.

    And its Just beginning so this is the VERY beginning of the gold rush. The perfect combination of deep blue sea with barely any other fishermen around.


    Now you MIGHT be thinking...

    "Dave I don’t know anything about making ads or even videos at all and does anyone really want to see ME in a video ad?"

    And the answer is 100% YES YES YES.

    For reference I am a 50 year old man with crooked teeth and a terrible short term memory with zero prior official Video or acting experience and I made my first $300 within 3 days of my journey figuring this out on my OWN.

    I have laid out Video Ads Dream Job to show you STEP by STEP how to grow a successful full time or side gig the same way I just did.

    Using MY experiences to streamline your success. This info is FRESH.


    So YOU might be thinking. “Dave? Who are you?

    Why should anyone listen to you?

    Why should they give you their valuable time?

    Are you qualified?

    Why do you want to help me?”

    So here is a little bit about me. I have been a full time digital marketer for over 15 years.

    I have won awards such as the 2 Comma Club award for doing over $1mil in revenue in a year as well as an AFFY Award which is kind of like a Grammy or Oscar for digital marketers.

    I have been self employed since 2007 and know how to build and rebuild a business as an entrepreneur.

    2 comma club award

    You could say my ‘super power’....


    is figuring out how to make money out of thin air while sitting at home in my pajamas.

    And I have the track record to prove it. I even get invited to speak at Digital marketing conferences as a keynote or expert speaker.

    I have gone from being completely broke and relying on my girlfriend’s 2 jobs to cover our rent to buying my family our dream home and all the struggles inbetween.

    I know the frustration you feel but I also know how to change all of that.. from personal experience.

    In full disclosure: I make a great living doing OTHER aspects of digital marketing as my main. NOT selling information products or courses.

    But I stumbled upon this job out of necessity and KNEW immediately I had to share this information with others AS SOON AS I COULD. 

    It is just too valuable to keep to myself.

    I was looking for something fun to add an extra $2k a month to my bottom line in my spare time and it GREW and Expanded faster than I could keep up to the point where I am making over $1k in one day… so here we are!


    Video Ads Dream Job or (Tiktok Video Ads Dream Job might be a more appropriate name) shows ANYONE how they can make SUPER SHORT 15, 30 and 60 second ads for Social Media like TikTok and Instagram.

    So here is the deal: An estimated $566 Billion is being spent this year on ads online.

    TikTok is rapidly eating up huge market share.

    Attention span is short on Tiktok. Only short ads are allowed.

    USER GENERATED CONTENT or videos made by regular people in their own homes are the types of ads that WORK BEST.

    Advertisers need new ADS 24/7

    to keep things fresh. They will pay YOU upwards and over $200 per ad.

    These ads since they are only a few seconds long..only take about 30 mins to record and edit in total.

    You can make DOUBLE that fee or more by adding some extras like TEXT, or script writing or inlaying pictures into the ads or reviews.

    Video Ads Dream Job course will show you how to get customers coming to YOU with ZERO cost to you.

    It will also show you all the free software you can use to help speed up your process and learn how to do the VERY SIMPLE edits needed.


    Its really THAT Cut and dry..

    There isn't much sitting between you and this huge opportunity except for the knowledge of how to do all of this in the EASIEST most DIRECT way as fast as possible.

    Following my template of success. I have already done the footwork.

    You just need to plug in and learn some thing over a few hours and get started!

    NOW even though this sounds incredible you might have a few questions whether or not YOU can do it. I know because I had those SAME DOUBTS!

    So let me clear them up very quickly.

    1. I don’t know anything about video ads or video editing can I learn this?

    YES! I show you free software to use on a desktop, laptop or phone and the process I use to make and edit SUPER FAST. It takes no previous knowledge to learn in just a few minutes.

    I have ZERO acting ability or experience and my memory sucks. Can I do this?

    YES! I cant memorize lines either and had no acting experience. But I show you how to make Fast Paced ONE LINE AT A TIME STYLE videos that work best for your clients.. so its a win win!

    Does anyone really want to see ME in their ad instead of a famous model or celebrity?

    The resounding answer is YES YES YES!

    This is called USER GENERATED CONTENT and on social media THIS sells BETTER than expensive ads with real actors.

    Users on Tiktok and IG feel more comfortable taking information and recommendations from ‘regular people’ like you and me and advertisers KNOW THIS.

    They need people of ALL different backgrounds, ages, demographics and looks to be able to ‘relate’ to their customers. For example, my ‘middle aged man’ demographic is SUPER popular.

    This segment is EXPLODING on TIKTOK with millions of new users daily.

    Your clients NEED REAL PEOPLE like us to make their ads.

    They are MORE than happy to pay you $200+ each ad rather than paying a studio $10k or more for the same thing.

    You see where I am going with this and the unlimited Upside?

    Particularly since it only takes 30 mins or so to record and complete one of these ads for your clients.

    OK and the big one everyone always asks…. Dave, if this is so great WHY in the HOOT are you showing us your secrets? The answer is simple.

    This is a HUGE and Growing industry.


    There is MORE than enough money to go around for everyone.

    You making an extra $200,000 a year out of the $566,000,000,000 being spent won’t ruin someone else’s opportunities.

    Its just a drop in an ocean of money to be had. You just need to know how to present yourself to get the attention of the advertisers and I SHOW YOU how to do this 100% so that you are fully booked as much as you like.

    Also, my main job is running my digital marketing company NOT doing video ads.

    So you making a ton of money booking 5-8 ads a day won’t harm me in any way.

    I have NEVER seen such a huge opportunity with such little start up costs and time as this in my ENTIRE Career.

    Therefore, it is my pleasure to share it with you.

    I think you get the idea...

    and I think you agree that Video Ads Dream Job gives us a HUGE advantage to anyone looking to take advantage of this incredible new and hot opportunity. 

    Here is what I want to do for you.

    I want to give you the Cheat Codes to unlock these secrets which until now I have kept to myself.

    I lay EVERYTHING out for you that I have done to succeed and created the knowledge and template for you to just plug into to start on your new career doing this.

    The best way was to create an online course with videos and documentation that explains everything in detail with step by step procedures.

    This makes it Easy to start. Simple to follow and SPEEDS up your time to success. Here is a bit of what you get in the course:


    What making UCG video ads is.

    How you do it.

    How I got into it.

    How to get gigs

    How to set up account

    How to make outstanding ADs to get clients

    Where to post to get INSTANT clients with NO advertising costs

    How to communicate with clients to get gigs.

    How to use ADD ONS to double your earnings on each video

    How to film

    How to use lighting

    How to use audio

    How to angle your phone and do quick jump cut styles that people want

    How to edit to quick jumps in WARP SPEED.

    How to make simple edits

    MY METHOD for all of this and examples of me behind the scenes.

    How to add Tiktok style Text.. with software for free…. UPCHARGE $30+

    How to include graphics in your ads for free +$40 Upcharge

    How to do multiple edits or resolutions $$50 Upcharge

    How to write your script for the ad in under 10 mins $50 upcharge for 85 words and a ton more!


    Just click the button below to get your HUGE Head start


    ....by purchasing Video Ads Dream Job..

    What would you pay to learn the ins and outs of a job that can pay you over $300/hr over and over and over again?

    I have personally bought many courses for $1k that didn't cover half of this much insight and material and were in DIFFICULT and challenging niche’s where you needed college level educations to really make them work.

    This is so much better than that.

    I truly believe ANYONE from 18 to 80 can do this and get up and running within a realistic 2 days total.

    So I priced this accordingly to reach as many people as possible.

    I SHOULD be listing this for over $5,000 but I chose not to and made this affordable to just about everyone. 

    I am so confident

    in Video Ads Dream Job that if you purchase RIGHT NOW I am offering a 90 day Guarantee*.

    If this doesn’t earn you enough revenue to cover the cost of the course I will make sure that you are whole by making sure you make that cost back.

    Check details about this.

    But I am so sure about this information that it won’t come to that but if you have even the slightest bit of worries that this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

    It is as simple as that!

    In all honesty its only about 2 gigs booked to make your money back.

    That is part of what makes this such an incredible deal.

    But in case you are looking to take this new career to the next level I am also including my ‘Step UP” information on how to turn your side gig into a full blown business into the 6 figures+ earnings area.\

    *This is for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP only. We will also need to have a phone call and review to ensure you followed all of my steps to the fullest and to the best of your abilities and be able to show proof of customer response times and video descriptions and booking ads you produced. That being said if they are followed I am supremely confident this will be 100% worthwhile for the price of the course.


    So if you are looking to go past the $20k a month profits...

    I have some bonus chapters added as well to streamline your work flow and to build your company up and out.

    What sells in a script

    Script FILL IN THE BLANK worksheet to SLAM DUNK your scripts. No thinking needed!

    How to complete a job and get 5 Star reviews

    How to get repeat customers

    How to deal with a bad customer… I wouldn't know they have all actually been great!

    The best workflow to copy

    How to organize too many clients once you get into the $15k + a month territory.

    How to prepare an ad agency once you get past $30k a month revenue.

    How to monetize your new found TIKTOK audience size…

    Behind the scene over my shoulder of HOW I write a script or use my script template to take the guess work out.

    Behind the scenes of me filming

    Behind the scenes of me editing and my flow to do it in half the time.

    You have seen the undeniable proof...

    that this works and get results and you are even guaranteed ..its time to take the next step.

    Click the BUTTON to buy NOW

    I don’t know how long I am going to offer this information to the public.

    I obviously can’t keep doing this at this low of a price so I will have to pause new sales once it fills up.

    If you have been making the same mistakes over and over and keep grinding without gaining any ground STOP.

    Think about how it will feel to transform your life with the revenue from this skill that is in SUPER HIGH DEMAND and therefore pays A LOT.

    What will having an extra $3k a month or $10k a month feel like?

    Will it give you time to breath and DROP all that built up stress?

    I can tell you from experience it feels WONDERFUL!

    So this is your last chance...


    to knock this out of the park before everyone else discovers what a gold mine this is.

    This video is coming to a close and I am afraid you might miss out on a life changing, risk free opportunity.

    If you are happy how things or do not want to wake up every day excited about what you are about to do then this isnt for you and I get that!

    BUT if you are as excited about this as I am then you really need to hit that button and get started.

    Every day you waste is a day less of revenue for you.

    And that is a huge penalty to pay for not taking action right now.

    Also, since you are still here and obviously interested. You will actually be part of my first BETA group.. which means you are among the FIRST people to get access to this secret information.

    YOU get the biggest head start of everyone in this HUGE NEW field… and for this discounted price.

    Thank you for taking your time with me today to let me share this with you.

    Go ahead and click the link to purchase now to get started ASAP!


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